Chegutu in Zimbabwe

Formerly known as Hartley Town until 1982, Chegutu is a small farming and mining town with a population just above 40 000 as of 2016. It is located in Mashonaland West on the main highway linking Harare City, 122 km to the northeast  and Bulawayo some 341 km southwest of Chegutu town.

Chegutu Map

a map of chegutu


Chegutu Weather

Chegutu enjoys good year round mild temperatures of central Zimbabwe plateau. With average to high annual rainfall the area has large grain communities. There huge grain silos visible from the main highway in Chegutu Town

Tourism and Recreation

Chegutu has Chegutu safari Area, once known as Hartley safari. There is not much here in terms of world class attractions. For tourism and recreational questions, we recommend Harare as the best nearby destination. However there are plenty of lodges and private safaris around Chegutu. we will have more details here as we get the information.

If travelling southwards, there are a couple of places in Kwekwe. Further down in Gweru you will get a couple of places including the Gweru military museum.

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