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Nyanga holiday resort forms a giant spectacle that has made the place unique among the scenic and beautiful Manicaland mountain ranges.


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Just some short distance from Mutare, Nyanga manifests itself as that breathtaking higher point known as Zimbabwe’s tallest mountain.

With good facilities and services in the form of hotels, lodges and some self catering accommodation this is a beautiful mountain retreat worth visiting.

Nyanga National Park Zimbabwe location, google map & weather

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With so many things to see, it is among Zimbabwe’s Best Resorts. Here you experience the country’s highest point standing at 2595 meters high. The summit of the mountain is over 8 square km. With eye catching landscape and vegetation, it is the ultimate Zimbabwe mountain attraction. With so many gorges and sudden changes in weather it must be advised that it is easy to get lost. There are people who have disappeared for good in the Nyanga Mountains. It takes up to 2 hours to get to the top of the mountain and about 1 hour to climb down.

Guidance and preparation is needed before one ventures up the peaks. The usual problem is sudden loss of visibility due to fog or heavy storms. Moving in thick fog should be avoided as this may lead you to bottomless gorges where you may never be found again. The presence of a Nyanga Mountain Rescue team is a warning of what could happen. You might have heard of myths and mysteries of people disappearing.  Its real people have vanished. To avoid this you have to stop if you are caught up in a storm or fog. It clears very quickly in minutes. Every year people come from different countries via Harare City  to conquer and survive Nyanga’s challenges.

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Does it snow in Zimbabwe? Historical records show that Nyanga used to snow and it last experienced snow in August 1935.

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Nyanga Waterfalls

Nyanga has a number of waterfalls which are in their own way unique and spectacular. With these and the mother of all, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is number one place for waterfall tourist attractions. There are over 30 world class waterfalls  in Zimbabwe and Nyanga has the highest number. Mutarazi(Mtarazi), it is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe. It is approximately 763-metres (2, 500 ft), about 7 times taller than Victoria Falls.Mutarazi has been visited by waterfall enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world. It is one of Nyanga’s top attractions. In terms of appearance, Pungwe falls are very beautiful.They are on the Pungwe River that flows from Zimbabwe’s highest peak, mount Nyangani. Pungwe Falls was Cecil John Rhode’s favourite. It is mentioned in his memoirs. The rest of the waterfalls are Muchururu Falls, Kairezi Falls, Nyangombe Falls,Chapungu Falls,Nyamuziwa Falls, Chirwe Falls, Chipungu Falls, Chipote or Kapunga Falls, Nyama Falls and Nyazengu Falls

 Other things

Nyanga National Park is also home to several forts. The most notable ones are Nyangwe  and Chaomera forts. These stone structures were likely used as defence structures during wars some centuries ago by local African tribes. Nyanga is a fantastic fishing resort. Being home to trout hatchery it has some of the finest fishing lodges in Zimbabwe. There are many rivers and dams with plenty of trout and breams. These are Mare, Udu, Rhodes, Gulliver and Purdon Dams. Fly fishing is done all year round. If you decide to watch wild animals you may see elands, duickers, the mysterious waterbuck, wildebeests and sables. There are several other animals. For those who love water sports, this is the right place for canoeing, rowing, swimming, white water rafting and angling. Accommodation There are several renowned hotels and lodges at Nyanga National Park. They include famous names like Rhodes Nyanga Hotel and Troutbeck Sun. There are also a number of low budget inns and guest houses that will offer food, accommodation and other services to tourists. *Picture by damien_farrell|flickr  


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