Nyamapanda Customs and Border Crossing Information

map showing location of Nyamaponda Border Post between Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Directions & Map

Nyamapanda Border Post is between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  Here you get customs and immigration services. It is named after Nyamapande River. This is a busy entry point used by people travelling by road between South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It is also a route for people travelling through Zimbabwe –Mozambique- Malawi  all the way to Central Africa.

The place also known as Nyamapande Customs Post  is located close to the town of Nyamapanda in  Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe.  The Mozambican side is called Cochemane.

As shown on map, the border is on a major A2 road linking Harare and Tete passing through Murehwa, Mutoko and Kotwa from the Zimbabwe side. In Mozambique the road becomes  103  taking you to Tete en route to Malawi.

Border Services: Vehicle clearance, visas, passports  and immigration control.  When driving into Zimbabwe make sure you have proper personal IDin the form of a valid passport. If driving another person’s car you have to carry an affidavit authorising you to use the vehicle. Third party insurance is also required when driving through Zimbabwe. Please make some checks before your journey as requirements may change. Any custom payments and fees are usually done in ZAR or USD.

Contact Deatails: The Postal Address is
P.O. Box 1000, Mudzi, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263(0)72 2838
Fax: +263(0)72 2569

Opening Times: 6am-6pm

Distances to and from Nyamapanda Border Post

  • Distance between Harare and Nyamapanda is about 215km
  • Distance between Nyamapanda and Tete is —km
  • Nyamapanda to Beira distance is 380km
  • Nyamapanda to Pretoria is about 1080km
  • Nyamapanda to Maputo is 1000km
  • Distance from Nyamapanda to Lilongwe is 345km
  • Blantyre is 263km from Myamapanda

Accommodation and lodges:

There are a number of lodges and hotels near the border. One of the nice ones is Pumpkin Lodge near Kotwa on Highway to Harare. See pictures for details.

Nearby Attractions: From here the interesting things will be seen in Harare City. If connecting to the beautiful Eastern Highlands you may travel via Harare or other shortcuts.


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