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Www.ZimGuide.com by means of this information, in compliance with data protection law, here by informs readers and website users of its personal data protection policy so that they may clearly, freely and willingly come to a decision to make available to ZimGuide.com any personal information asked for by ZimGuide.com for the provision of its services.

ZimGuide.com Blog will also make use of log files which manages internet interaction through IP addresses, personal preferences and browsing history.

Data collection may be done through email submissions or contact us forms provided on this blog. Any personal data received will not be given to any third parties unless expressly stated but will be used for the purpose of dealing with the request.

Users may stop this use of their data by opting out of the emailing service as well as by contacting us at info@ZimGuide.com.

Use of Cookies

This site may also use cookies from third parties like www.google.com Cookies are internet files that are there to help our website to provide you with a better user experience. By using www.ZimGuide.com you are accepting our use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how you can opt out please visit www.google.com

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We value your privacy

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