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Mutare City is the provincial capital of Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province. Surrounded by ever misty mountains in the beautiful Eastern Highlands, it is closely linked to Chrismas PassNyanga, Vumba, Chimanimani Mountains and Honde Valley.  Home to  Mutare Bottling Company, Mutare Polytechnic College and Africa University, the city is a very convenient place for travellers as it is very close to the region’s top tourist resorts pictured above.

Nyanga Mountains

Nyanga Mountains are among Zimbabwe’s Major Safari Areas. About 110 km from Mutare City, here you experience the country’s highest point of elevation. The main attractions are the mountain peaks, wildlife, Troutbeck Resort, protea flowers and spectacular waterfalls. Nyanga Tourist Resort is home to Mutarazi(Mtarazi) Falls. It is about  762 metres (2500) feet high making it  7 times higher than the mighty Victoria Falls which stands at 108 meters (354 feet) high. There are many other spectacular falls like Nyangombe, Muchururu, Pungwe Falls and Gorge.

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani Mountains are a quiet and rarely visited Eastern Highlands resort. The place has beautiful granite mountain ranges on Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique. Just Some 2 hours drive from Mutare you have the opportunity to see one of Zimbabwe’s most treasured tourist resorts. From the mountain tops you have panoramic views of Zimbabwe and Mozambique.The scenic mountains are home to Outward bound, Bridal veil falls and the famous Tessa’s pool and waterfall.

Vumba Mountains

Vumba Mountains are very close to Mutare City. Also known as Bvumba, the scenic mountains have a lot of interesting things to see and do. It is home to Leopard Rock Casino and Golf Resort.Vumba’s botanical gardens have a number of indigenous and rare plants to see.

Honde Valley

The Scenic Honde Valley is on the borders of Nyanga National Park. It is one of the Eastern Highlands’ main  attractions.This is Zimbabwe’s best place for  bird watching. The area has a number of rare bird species that you may not see anywhere else in Southern Africa. There is Anchieta’s Tchagra, Red-winged Warbler, Black-winged Bishop, Singing Cisticola, Twinspot Indigobird, Pallid Honeyguide, Sunbirds, Grey Waxbill and many others. They are seen in areas around Aberfoyle Club,Gleneagles Nature Reserve, eastern Highland Tea Estate and Katiyo Tea Estate. Hauna Growth Point is the service area for Honde Valley. There are hotels, lodges, guest houses, schools, a hospital, shops, an air strip and other services.

Mutare Museum

Here you see cars used many years ago. There are also some weapons that were used during Zimbabwe’s past wars among other things. It is located in Mutare city centre on Aerodrome Road.

Cross Kopje

This is a memorial site for Zimbabwean African servicemen who lost their lives in the first world war.

Mutare Courtauld Theatre

The theatre hosts performing arts and the city’s entertainment activities. It is used by local and visiting tour groups.

Thompson’s Vlei & Cecil Kop

This is the place to see  rhinos and elephants in Eastern Highlands. There are other smaller wild animals to be seen. The place is just some 4 km outside Mutare City.

Chrismass Pass

Here you experience a very scenic outdoor place near the city of Mutare. Many people are attracted to do their family and private functions in Manicaland where the scenery is beautiful.

Mutare National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe

The gallery showcases  Zimbabwe’s visual and contemporary arts.Some of the country’s top artists have their work on display.

pictures by b wursten

Other Things

  Mutare Weather & Climate Mutare and Zimbabwe Eastern Highlands’ temperatures and weather conditions are largely affected by the region’s higher elevation. The area receives rainfalls slightly higher than the national averages. Temperatures are mild and hotter between October and March with 28 degrees Celsius average. Temperatures are low between April and august sometimes averaging 17 degrees Celsius. At the peak of winter in June and July, they can fall to minus. August is generally very windy for most parts of Zimbabwe. Rainfall: The Eastern Highlands is Zimbabwe’s wettest region. It is normal to get wet even if it is not rain season. Nyanga, Vumba and Chimanimani Mountains receive high rainfalls. Shopping There are a number of small shops and bigger supermarkets that sell a number of items from clothing, groceries and travel essentials that one might need. Most of the stores are within the city and easy to get to. Mutare has a few restaurants and takeaway shops. Mutare Accommodation Accommodation will come in many forms and sizes. Mutare and nearby tourist resorts have a number of Hotels and lodges in the 2,3,4 star levels. There are some exclusive and cheap budget accommodation with places like Holiday Inn, Troutbeck and Leopard Rock Hotel being the best. For those looking for cheap accommodation there are many bed and breakfast, backpackers, guest houses, self-catering and overnight hostels and caravan camping sites that can be utilised. Transportation Mutare has a good network of roads linking it to Harare, Nyanga, Chimanimani, Vumba, Honde Valley, Chipinge, other parts of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. There is also a train service to Harare from Mutare. Mutare Airport is some 30 minutes flight from Harare. It is serviced by private charter planes. Mutare Tour Guides There are a number of local Tour Guides who may help tourists. Places like Nyanga, Honde Valley and Chimanimani may be a bit too far if you have accommodation in Mutare City and you are not self driving. The best way to find best tour guides is by getting recommendations from Lodges and Hotels where you will be staying. If backpacking at Chimanimani or Nyanga there are local Tour Guides who will be more than willing to help for a small fee. If you are wondering about maps and directions..tour guides..where to sleep..what to see and do..where to go & where to eat.. Mutare has a number of tourist and visitor friendly facilities to ease travelling woes. The town has hotels and lodges in the 2,3 and 4 star category. There are also a number of backpackers, guest houses, bed & breakfast, rest camps & caravan sites, self catering and budget overnight accommodation. You will also get  good facilities and venues for events, weddings, meetings, parties and conferences.

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