About ZimGuide

ZimGuide.com is a blog site that covers Zimbabwe Safari Destinations. We do not have connections with any tourist board or governmental body in or outside Zimbabwe. ZimGuide.com is about Zimbabwe only. It is not your general news site to give you latest news and development in Zimbabwe. There are many sites doing so and they are doing it very well.

Why Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with some of the Best Resorts you can never find anywhere in the world. We are talking about incomparable African wilderness experience at Mana Pools National Park where you see nothing but African wild animals, big and small including endangered and protected species.

While the country has been through economic challenges for some years, it is remarkable  that it’s resorts and  landmarks have not lost their beauty. Victoria Falls is still the Largest and most breathtaking waterfall on planet earth.

We believe in sustainable tourism that harness local resources to empower people while protecting wild animals from poaching and senseless hunting.

Who We Are

www.ZimGuide.com is a creation of seasoned Zimbabwe travellers based in southern Africa and overseas. At least 20 people people have contributed to this guide.

We  acknowledged the generous contribution of photographers whose images have been used throughout the site where their names are mentioned against their works. Matthew C Martino founder of MMBF UK also helped with funding, information on air travel and tourism.

He is still helping with free consultation and fundraising for wildlife protection and conservation projects.

Is Zimbabwe Safe?

Zimbabwe is regarded as a safe travel destinations recommended by most governments uncluding UK, US, Japan and EU member states.

Though we are not experts on security issues, based on  expert opinion, reports from foreign travellers and also based on news reports from reliable sources in Zimbabwe and abroad, the country is a safe tourist destination. It is much safer than most countries in north, east and west regions of Africa.

Southern Africa is the continent’s  green zone in terms of religion conflicts and civil wars…BUT be vigilant all the time when you visit any foreign country be it in the West, East, Carribbean or anywhere is the world.

If unsure consult your government foreign office before you travel.

Use Contact Us page for  news, tips or just to get in touch.

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