Devils Pool swimming  is one of the most enjoyed activity at Victoria Falls.  Devils Pool is not for the faint hearted as it is ranked among the ultimate, dangerous and most infinite swimming pools in the world.

If you have been searching for a feel of life on the edges then this is your challenge.

The Devils Pool  is located right on edges of the falls and it takes a lot of guts and determination to get there. It can only be accessed when the water is very low, any other time it is a no go area.  The best time is between June and mid October during the drier months.  You need to visit the Zambia side of Victoria Falls to for you to walk or swim in the Devils Pool.

During drier seasons, a rock barrier on the edges of the falls will rise above water level making it possible to swim without getting swept into the falls. This barrier will protect swimmers from getting carried over the falls.

When the water levels are higher, getting into the Devils Pool is a death sentence as you will be swiftly swept away by the mighty Zambezi River.

For visitors there are guides and trained people who will take care of you  if you intend to experience the Devils pool

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