Visiting Ngomakurira and Domboshawa Hills

Ngomakurira and domboshawa hills in zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is blessed with beautiful rocky and hill landscapes that you may enjoy if you take time to discover them. Near the city of Harare we find Domboshawa(red hills) and Ngomakurira(Beating drums).  These 2 places are some 30 KM, north east of Harare City.

Domboshawa is a very beautiful place to visit with some amazing balancing rocks on the hill outcrop.  Dombo-shawa is a Shona word for red hills(stones). Dombo is stone in Shona and Shawa means red. The place is ideal for outdoor photography and family picnics. The main attraction at domboshawa is a balancing rock known as the whale because of its whale like shape.  Nearby you find rock paintings that were left by ancient dwellers in stone age times. You will be asked a small entrance fee to see the place.

ngomakurira and domboshawa

ngomakurira hills

Ngomakurira(Ngoma Kurira) is some 9 KM from Domboshawa and is located in Chief Chinamhora’s area. The place derives its name from the traditional African drums that were played in the mountains during religious services. Ngoma is a Shona word for drum while Kurira means sound. The main attraction here is the steep 4×4 mountain climbs that has attracted enthusiasts from all over the world. Some people will use bikes while others will do it on foot until they rich the summit of the mountain. There is also some ancient rock art paintings, wild flowers and small antelopes in the area.

The other place where you get similar or better experience is Matobo Hills National Park in  Matebeleland

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