Vumba’s Unknown Falling Waters Falls 

Falling Waters Falls Vumba is another secret location worthy visiting. This is one good place that has experienced very little human activities since decades gone by. We have decided to put Falling Waters here so that when you travel there, you have a longer list of things to see and do while in the Vumba-Mutare area. Again we have some pictures that we cannot put here for copyright reasons, we will have them online as soon as we have permission to do so. The falls are ideally suited for picnics and relaxed activities you can do while surrounded by lush greenery and a surplus of local birds from nearby places. As we have mentioned before, there are so many things to see and do in the Vumba and Eastern Highlands area. This makes it possible to combine small places like Falling Waters Falls with other activities so you fully enjoy all the beauties and scenic wonders of Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province. We have greatly covered other well known  tourist attractions around Vumba on this blog  and hopefully the Falling Waters will have a place among the area’s top attractions.

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