We have been receiving enquiries about our opinion on certain guest houses in Harare Zimbabwe. All we have to say is that guest houses in harare zimbabwewe are not a star rating site and if you want to find cheap and decent lodges to stay in Harare you need to do own due diligence search.

The truth is there are so many lodges and bed and breakfast (BnB) facilities in the city giving you a wider option and choice on what you really need.

A simple search will give several places in the city where you can book  for your stay if you happen to be travelling to Harare.

The other thing we suggest is that you compare prices and also look at reviews especially on social networks where real people can shed more light about own experience.

Just in case you still want help, you can get in touch via the contact us page above  if you feel that your experience (whether good or bad) requires publication for the benefit of others.


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