Harare International Airport Parking, Telephone Numbers, Fees & Charges

Harare Airport is Zimbabwe’s biggest and busiest Aiport.

It is located 30 minutes away from Harare City Centre.

There is plenty of space to securely leave your car while you travel far away. There are services to catter for private vehicles, taxi parking, rental cars and shuttle buses Parking

Here are the details:

Harare Airport Parking Costs

Long Stay Car Parking Fees

    • General parking $8 per day
    • Lock Up parking $10 per day

Short Stay Vehicle Parking Charges

    • All Under Unlocked General parking $1-$16 per day(24 hr day).

Contact Address & Phone Details

Harare International Airport P.O Box 5469, Harare Zimbabwe


jonathan@carsafe.co.zw, tshameson@carsafe.co.zw

Tel: 0778 843 015 (Working hours 8:00 – 4:30 )


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