Latest News from Mozambique suggest there is an ongoing conflict between old war enemies Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) bandits and the government forces known as Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo).

renamo flelimo war in mozambique see map images

Map, Mozambique War

The civil unrest has claimed civilian casualties including some foreign tourists travelling through Mozambique.

We advise all people travelling to Mozambique to check with their government embassies to assess the political situation and general safety which you might not get in Mozambican newspapers which are often written in Portuguese language

ZimGuide often receives fact finding emails from South Africa and Malawi based travellers who often drive between the two countries via Mozambique(and sometimes through a safer Zimbabwe).

Mozambique is the preferred route as it is much quicker than travelling through BeitBridge border post, Harare and then Nyamapanda Border Crossing.

The fact that thousands of Mozambique refugees have fled to neighbouring Malawi and Zimbabwe is a sign ‘all is not well’.

Renamo attacks are mainly reported in central and northern provinces of Tete, Manica, Sofala, Zambezia, Nampula and Niassa.

Zimbabwe’s eastern Manicaland border has seen a wave of refugees fleeing into Chipinge between May and July of 2016 because of tension in Manica area highlighted on Map.

Attacks against buses and cars have recently been reported in Gorongosa and Barue districts.

Latest news from Mozambique today suggest there have been some reported attacks on EN1, EN6 and EN7 Highway routes linking northern and southern Mozambique.

These attacks mainly target government vehicles and rebel positions though it’s unfortunate that civilians have been killed in these clashes.

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