Jobs, Vacancies in Zimbabwe

We do not currently have any tourism related jobs or vacancies from any of our partners and associates. There are many places in Zimbabwe where you can find job related information, for example, from recruitment agencies and companies dealing with employment matters. We receive emails daily from people looking for tourism related work. Unfortunately we are not aware of any job openings in the tourism sector.

jobs and vacancies in Zimbabwe

                                                  a tour guide at work

To all school leavers and job seekers reading this, we advice that you visit local employment agencies in Harare and Bulawayo. They have many contacts and information about job availabilities and vacancies in the country.

The other option is to check with the government department of labour. They may be in a position to highlight any part time or full time work and employment opportunities in different government departments like education, health and nursing, police and army.

In the future we may post some vacancies on this page if we think they might be of use to our readers. Just that we wont be doing that on a daily bases as this is not our core business.

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