Kariba Dam Facts

  • Kariba Dam is full of man eating crocodiles. They have killed people. People are advised not to swim in the lake.
  • Kariba is co-owned by Zimbabwe and Zambia, it is on the middle Zambezi marking the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • Dead trees are a common feature of the lake. The trees are remnants of plants that used to be in the area before the Lake was made. Most of them are hardwood Mopani species that are very strong and long-lasting.
  • Lake Kariba is the primary source for hydroelectric power for Zambia and Zimbabwe. The electricity generators are located on Kariba Dam Wall which is on the northern end of the Lake.
  • The creation of Lake Kariba led to a human and ecological disaster as thousands of Tonga people and wide animals were displaced. Many families who lived as neighbours on the Zimbabwe and Zambian ends of the Zambezi were permanently separated by the lake.
  • Kariba Town, on the Zimbabwe side, came into existence as a result of the dam construction. The town was initially built to temporarily accommodate labourers who were involved in the construction of Kariba Dam. Today the town has a large population with a mayor, airport and tourist facilities.
  • There are several species of wild animals that are often seen in and around the Lake. These include elephant, crocodile, rhino, antelope, buffalo and big cats.
  • Kariba has several islands that are inhabited. Most of them are used as holiday resorts. Their names are Fothergill, Snake Island, Spurwing Island, Msuna Island, Antelope Island, Mashape, Chikanga, Chete, Maaze Island, Sekula, Bird Island, Sampa and many Others.
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