06 June Zimbabwe Travel Latest Update: Latest Zimbabwe Situation Today!

The picture today is Zimbabwe streets are almost empty, there are very few cars seen here and there throughout the country as most businesses are not operating.

zim bans whatsapp

WhatsApp Blocked in Zim Today

Places like Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Kwekwe, Masvingo are very quite, many people have stayed in their houses today.

We have some enquiries from our readers..Is it safe to travel in Zimbabwe today? What is the situation on the streets?

Well, we can not make any promises and guarantees here. There are lots of police officers manning city centres and Zimbabwe streets.

We have not received or seen any sign of violence or riots. Information is difficult to come as there is no whatsapp communication due to social media blackout in Zimbabwe.

As usual we advise any travellers and all people visiting Zimbabwe to check with their local government embassies to assess safety situation.

There are no major situations reported to us so far and we will update this blog if we see or get anything…


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