Matusadona National Park

Matusadona Game Count:The Kariba Conservation Programme will host the inaugural Matusadona Game Count at Matusadona National Park. The counting exercise will take place on August1-2 at Kariba, Zimbabwe. It is a 24 hour counting exercise running from 12PM to 12PM the next day. The counting will be done on land and from the Lake Kariba shoreline on houseboats. The counters will also visit  rivers and water pans where a number of animals gather for water.

Purpose of the count:

The counting is being done in order to  create a valuable base from which to gauge statistics of current populations and build on so counts in future years will show a rising or falling population.

This will go a long way to empower and to enable Zimbabwe Parks and The Matusadona Anti Poaching Project to make management decisions within the Park. It will also provide a valuable source of information for other anti poaching units in and around Matusadona to base their management decisions on sound research statistics.

There are two outcomes which will come out of this count. 

1. A scientific outcome showing the current game population within the Matusadona.

2. It will put Matusadona back onto the map as a great place for off road driving, game watching and the fantastic accommodation available within the park to suit all budgets.

It is a good thing that there are concerned people out there who will put their resources and time to help promote and preserve the life and welfare of wild animals at Matusadona National Park. There is need for such things to be widely shared in the local and international press in order to create awareness and to completely eliminate poaching and criminal activities in the country’s game parks. These counts should be done at other major game parks in order to  establish the number of wild animals in the country. This is an important step towards effective wildlife management and accountability.

For more information on Matusadona Game Count  please contact  Nigel Kuhn Phone: 0775 11481 Email:nigelkuhn(at)

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