In 2014 and 2015 there has been news about new  Zimbabwe budget and cheap airlines promising  fares that are even lower than buses.

This is a new trend in Africa and many travellers  have been left with more questions than answers.

To put things in perspective, the new airlines are promising heaven on earth for the following routes:Harare,  Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo and Kariba.

Their fairs are as low as $9 per trip.

The Big question is — Is this all they charge?

The Hidden charges

Almost all so-called cheap flights in Zimbabwe  charge for all checked luggage. If you are not carrying enough money you might have to leave some of your belongings at airports.

You will get charged for all food and drinks while you are flying. This is what traditional airlines offer ‘free’.

You will be charged a booking fee which will add up to the total costs.

One traveller warned people to consider the overall stress level of the budget airlines that could cost more  in a ruined trip.

Looking at the hidden costs, people should get clarification on all costs before travelling.

Best Options

Looking at the real costs of budget airlines, it is clear that there is a lot of small charges that travellers need to be aware of before taking off.

It seems that the best time to use them is if you are alone and not in a hurry to catch connecting flights or scheduled meetings.

This way you can go through the inconveniences  without much worries.

All you need is a small handbag and no extras. This way it works.

However for people with children and extra luggage this can be a no no as you will likely pay a lot in food, luggage and extra seats for the kids.

You do not want any delays and inconveniences with young children and so much luggage around.

For your peace of mind, go for the reliable airlines that do not have any hidden costs.


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