Zim cities to be a no-go place for domestic animals

Domestic animals like donkeys, cows and goats will not be allowed in central Harare and other major Zimbabwe cities. President Robert Mugabe warned traders and members of the public that city centres will not fall into chaotic patterns he has witnessed while travelling in West African countries.

While addressing a small group of traders in Harare, the veteran leader declared that city centres are a no go area for market traders who have recently flooded towns and cities across the country. Those who resist the government directive will be forcibly moved to trading points on the outskirts of city centres.

Daring vendors  have invaded city centres, trading on pavements and right at shop-fronts, sparking an outcry from the tax-paying high street retailers.

Alarmed by the mayhem, the government has ordered the traders to relocate to designated trading places but many have refused to move.

“We do not want chaos; the sort of mayhem in other countries where you see goats in the city centre like in First Street’’, said Mugabe.

“That’s what I once witnessed in West Africa. No; we want to ensure that those who have shops are able to sell their wares freely, then goats must go.”

Critics blame the government’s failure to address the country’s economic crisis for the problem with vendors.

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