Nyanyadzi Hot Springs Zimbabwe

Nyanyadzi hot springs in Chimanimani, Manicaland Zimbabwe is one of the mythical  tourist attractions in the Eastern Highlands. The water shooting from the ground is hot throughout the year and even hotter around the colder months. This phenomenon is caused by pressurised water gushing from the lower strata  of the earth through some faulty fissures. The natural geysers are located near Nyanyadzi Secondary School where they get their  name from. The place is sometimes referred to as Chipise hot springs.

The place has some cultural and mythical significance to local communities as they attach some healing and spiritual powers to the place for example the belief that the boiling waters have powers to heal skin diseases, remove spots and wrinkles from one’s face.  There are also beliefs that the geysers are a cure for rheumatism and one has to spend just few hours in them before they get full healing. The therapeutic powers can be scientifically linked to some 20 plus chemicals that have been found in the waters. These include iron, potassium, calcium, chloride, sulphate, nitrate, manganese and magnesium among many others. Some fortune seekers have  tossed some coins into the springs hopping that they will get luck in life.  There are coppers in the Hot Springs from different countries a reflection of hot springs enthusiasts visiting from around the world. Zimbabwe has so many hot springs in Chimanimani- Save area. The other hot spring region is the Binga-Kariba-Zambezi area. Unfortunately some of Zimbabwe’s biggest hot springs have been submerged by Lake Kariba.

Access and location

Nyanyadzi Hot Springs is located some 21 km from Birchenough Bridge, very close to Nyanyadzi Irrigation Scheme in Chimanimani district Manicaland. If you are coming from Mutare, the geysers are just 85 km away. They are certainly not far away from Chirinda Forest in Chipinge.

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