Zimbabwe Safari Areas

chewore safariZimbabwe safari areas are among the best in Africa in terms of their locations, animals you see and the mesmerising experience one get with those majestic creatures roaming their natural habitat. These animals are in remote places with very little human contact giving it a true wilderness experience. The Zimbabwe safari areas have been commended for protecting the environment and supporting local communities. While going through a crises, Zimbabwe has done a lot to protect endangered animals especially rhinos which are quickly getting extinct in Africa due to poaching. The safari areas are dedicated to sustainable management of Zimbabwe’s wildlife zones. Proceeds from safaris have kept these areas running through difficult times. This has greatly helped anti-poaching programmes which have been implemented to fight against illegal game hunting in Zimbabwe.

Here is a list of names for some of the known Zimbabwe Safari Areas. Charara Safari Area, Mufurudzi Safari Area (aka Umfurudzi), Chewore, Sapi, Chirisa, Thuli, Doma, Hurungwe, Matetsi, Malipati, Dande, Deka, Doma, Chipinge, Sibilobilo, Chete, Chewore and Chegutu Safari Area.

If you know the geography and map of Zimbabwe you will notice that most of the safari areas are located on the far corners of the country far from the main cities and inhabited regions. Some of the best and most visited safari areas are around the Zambezi-Kariba-Hwange region. This region is the wild animal paradise of Zimbabwe. Hwange National Park which is bigger than Wales has over 500 animal species. There is animal migration in and out of the national park to the safari areas. They go backwards and forth depending with the season. North of Hwange, the Zambezi-Kariba area is among the remotest and less travelled regions of Zimbabwe. This area is rich in big and small wild animals. These animals used to live on the Zambezi and they were forced uplands following the creation of Kariba Dam. Today safari areas like Doma, Deka, Chete, Chirisa, Charara, Sapi, Chewore, Dande and Hurungwe are amongst the best in Africa thanks to undisturbed wildlife zones and their remote locations.


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