Sapi Safari Area 

sapi chewore safari Sapi Safari Area is located near the wildlife rich Mana Pools National Park, North West of  Zimbabwe just above Lake Kariba on the map. It is very close to the Chewore Safari Area which is in the same area.  Sapi is part of a state protected wilderness area within the vicinity of  an outstanding UNESCO  World Heritage Site. The area is management by ZimParks the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority.


Sapi wildlife

Visitors and experts describe Sapi Safari Area as a germ in terms of wild animal numbers and their various species. Here you are likely to see some of Africa’s largest land animals. Lions and rhinos have been removed to safer areas due to poaching.  Sapi does not have giraffe and wildebeest as they are not found around the Zambezi region.  Zimbabwe National Parks allow controlled hunting, fishing and photo safaris at Sapi. Fishing is one of the main activities in the area. There are many species of fish to be found including Tiger fish and bream varieties.

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