Madimikira neTsumo EsotericsĀ 

Tsumo and Madimikira Esoterics are part and parcel of the Shona and many other African languages.

Tsumo are special verbs(shumo) and sentences that people use when they did not want everyone to know exactly what they were saying. Coded speech if you can call it. It was mainly used when there were young children and you do not want them to understand what you are talking about for example if it is adult issues or a traumatic matter you would not want children and young people to know this, especially those below teenage.

shona tsumo nemedimikira shumo

Tsumo is also widely used to express oneself in a way that others who speak same language will get you very clear.

Madimikira on the other hand are not official common words but terms that one or two people can understand. They can use these words to talk about their business without anyone understanding them. For example you can call your neighbour football and make people believe you are talking about a sport when infact you are referring to a person. So you can discuss about your neighbour while they are around without them knowing it.

We are not going to be getting deep into the subject here but if you want to learn there is a long online pdf you can search for Sona tsumo andĀ madimikira examples.

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