2 times taller than Niagara Falls..About 4 times longer..

Some Victoria Falls Facts

Victoria Falls is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia. These facts are not there to promote one side against the other.

The truth is you have to cross from Zimbabwe to Zambia or Zambia to Zimbabwe to fully experience the Victoria Falls.

You never get everything in one place.

From the Zambian side you get very very closer to the waterfall, on the Zimbabwe side you are close enough and you have face to face experience with more than 70% of the falls.

Here is a list of the relevant facts about Victoria Falls

  1. Victoria Falls is on the Zambezi River. The falls are located in Southern Africa, shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia.

  2. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

  3. Victoria Falls City is a Zimbabwean town some 15 minutes walk to the falls.

  4. In 1855 British missionary David Livingstone named the falls after Queen Victoria of England.

  5. David Livingstone wrote: It has never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so wonderful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.

  6. The Victoria Falls Bridge is located just below the falls. It was part of Cecil John Rhodes’ ambitious project to build a railway line from Cape to Cairo linking British settlements in Africa.

  7. Today the statue of David Livingstone stands on the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

  8. Victoria Falls is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya. This is a name given by local African people meaning the Smoke That Thunders.

  9. Victoria Falls is located within 95 km from Botswana and Namibia borders.

  10. Zimbabwe side has about 1400m (1,4km) of the falls, Zambia has about 300m (0,3km).

  11. In total Victoria Falls is about 1,7km (1700m) long.

  12. In low seasons most of the water falls over the Zimbabwe side on the “Devils Cataract”

  13. On the Zambian side, most of the water falls on the Eastern Cataract.

  14. To see the full length of the falls you have to be on the Zimbabwean side.

  15. The Zimbabwe side has the lowest elevation hence has the highest volume of water flowing over.

  16. People have to visit both countries in order to enjoy the full Victoria Falls experience.

  17. During flooding time, the Zambian side offers better views of the falls due to low levels of mist.

  18. On the Zambian side people swim in Devil’s Pool when there is low water.

  19. People also travel to get married on the edges of the Victoria Falls when the water volume is very low.

  20. At the falls people only pay for services with cash. Cards can only be used in Victoria Falls town.

  21. Victoria Falls is about 2 times higher than Niagara Falls and 4 times longer.

  22. It has the largest sheet of falling water making it the biggest in the world.

  23. At its peak in April-May  about 650,000,000 litres of water flow every minute.

  24. In 1958 Victoria Falls experienced extreme floods, several times higher than normal. Many people and big wild animals were killed downstream in lower Zambezi.

  25. The falling water produces a spray that rises up to 1000m into the air visible some 30km away.

  26. Victoria Falls lunar rainbow (moon rainbow) occurs for about 2 to 3 days monthly between December and November.

  27. Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  28. On the Zimbabwe side there is a basalt rock with an evergreen tropical forest.

  29. The Rainforest depends on the spray from Victoria Falls.

  30. The Tropical Rain Forest has some very rare plant species.

  31. Victoria Falls is located at half way along Zambezi River on its way to the Indian Ocean.

  32. The Zambezi River is Africa’s 4th biggest river.

  33. Giant African elephants, buffaloes, hippos and warthogs can be seen around the falls and Victoria Falls town. In 2014 a pride of lions chased a head of buffaloes into Victoria Falls Town.

These are some of Victoria Falls Facts. The place has a lot that has not been mentioned here. Hopefully a few questions about the falls have been answered.

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