The tourist  town of Victoria Falls is located in Matabeleland north in south western Zimbabwe near the Vic falls waterfall on Zambezi River.

With a small population of about 35000 people the town has a train station and an international airport for tourism reasons. There are schools, a general hospital, a local government and several other government institutions.

victoria falls town map

victoria falls town

In addition to this you will also find banks, travel agencies, a post office, information centre, a supermarket, 2-5 star lodges and hotels among many other things.

Though there were local indigenous people for a long time, the town itself was established in 1901. Today it is Zimbabwe’s principal tourism point.

Apart from the waterfall, the town also boasts a wide variety of big African wild animals including elephants, buffalo, baboons, antelope, rhino and many others. There are occasional sightings of lions in nearby places.

Elephants, Cape buffalo and baboons are sometimes seen roaming the streets.

People, culture and language

The majority of people who live here are local endogenous people from different Zimbabwean sub-ethnic backgrounds. They mainly speak Ndebele, Tonga and Nambia. Some few speak Shona which is used by more than 75% of Zimbabweans. There are also very few people of European origin who are also Zimbabwe nationals.

English is used and understood by most people. Services, tours and most businesses use English for communication.

Many people who visit Victoria Falls also do safaris in Zimbabwe’s biggest game reserve, Hwange National Park.

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