With so many beautiful gardens, parks and tailor made locations, Harare  Zimbabwe is the ideal place for weddings and related  activities like anniversaries, bridal showers and groom parties. Below is a list of places and locations that have been recommended as wedding venues by a number of people.

The list is a mixture of facilities including hotels, churches, parks, gardens, lodges, motels, sports clubs and private wedding halls. If Harare is not for you, remember Bulawayo’s stunning venues.

The Full List!

  1. Zimbali In Gleendale 
  2. Spey Bay in Ruwa
  3. Thorntree Lodges
  4. Mudziyashe 
  5. Buxton Farm
  6. Bliss Gardens
  7. Harare Safari Lodge
  8. Hideway Fishing Camp
  9. Chelmsford Manor in Harare
  10. Gecko Gardens
  11. Inspiration Park Venue
  12. Raintree Venue Harare
  13. Wild Geese Lodge Weddings
  14. Pabani
  15. Zimbabwe Garden Weddings in Chisipite
  16. Mahobohobo
  17. Alibee Gardens
  18. La Roche Gardens
  19. Sungano Gardens Chitungwiza
  20. Pandhari Lodge
  21. Meikles Hotel Harare
  22. Borrowdale Country Manor
  23. LakeFront Harare Wedding Venues
  24. Stephen Margolis Resort
  25. Mbizi Game Park
  26. Sarris Gardens
  1. Zimgardens
  2. Cresta Lodge Harare
  3. Rainbow Towers Hotel
  4. Eve’s Garden Eco Cafe (closed)
  5. Paradise Gardens
  6. Florence Chishlom Park
  7. Celebration Centre
  8. Mojos in Avondale
  9. Over The Moon
  10. Highlands Park
  11. Garden Of Peace
  12. Belgravia Sports Club
  13. Alexandra Sports Club
  14. Old Hararians Sports Club
  15. Falcon Golf Club
  16. Water Whirld
  17. Orana Gardens
  18. ART Farm
  19. Mazowe Sailing Club
  20. Raylton Sports Club
  21. Harare Gardens
  22. Taman Kosas Gardens
  23. Crowne Plaza Hotel
  24. Highlands Park
  25. Dombombira in Ruwa
  26. River Garden
  27. Over The Moon
  28. Tynwald Gardens
  29. Heritage Gardens
  30. Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens
  31. River Of Life Westgate
  32. Windmill Country Manors
  33. Cleveland Dam
  34. Hellenic Sports Club
  35. Glen Gardens
  36. Adelaide Acres
  37. Cheltenham Park Retreat
  38. Enchanted Garden Zimbabwe
  39. Parwizi Functions Venue
  40. Kutsvene Gardens
  41. Pamba Nice in Glenlorne
  42. Milcox Manor
  43. Adelaide Acres
  44. Cleveland Dam
  45. Wingate Golf Club
  46. Chapman Golf Club
  47. Chengeta & Pamuzinda Lodges

The city of Harare has many family friendly beautiful  resorts you may enjoy after wedding. Being the capital city, Harare offers a lot in terms of a good list of premium and cheap wedding venues. Many people would choose to have Harare mainly because of the choices and options they get. As usual, the best thing is to consult and inquire first before you pay any monies. We would also like to hear any suggestions and experiences from those who have used any of the venues mentioned here.You experiences may help others to make informed decisions when they chose a place for their wedding in Harare.

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