UNESCO World Heritage  Sites in Zimbabwe, List

Zimbabwe has a total of 5 world heritage sites which is a lot.  These sites have a lot of value to the society and country in terms of cultural status, unique landscapes and amazing fauna and flora compositions. 5 is a lot given that there are so many African countries with not even a single UNESCO world heritage place.  Only 4 countries in sub-Sahara  Africa have more sites than Zimbabwe.

Cultural World Heritage Sites

Great Zimbabwe and Khami ruins are the only 2 cultural sites for Zimbabwe. These sites were chosen as they symbolise  culture, civilisation, technological  and social make up of ancient African empires in the Zimbabwe plateau and beyond. The Great Zimbabwe ruins are the second largest stone construction in Africa after the pyramids. Khami ruins are smaller but very beautiful  and in the same style as Great Zimbabwe.

Natural World Heritage Sites

Zimbabwe has 3 iconic natural world heritage sites. The status is usually given upon a place that has unique and outstanding land formations. Fauna and flora are also considered. In Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls stands out as it is the largest waterfall in the world in terms of water volume and length. 2 times higher than Niagara falls and 4 times longer, Victoria Falls is truly amazing. Matobo Hills near Bulawayo is very unique in many ways. It has the world’s largest concentration per given area for the following; ancient rock art paintings, paired birds of prey, especially black eagles, cave systems and leopards. Matobo National Park is renowned for rhino protection programs. It has other endangered animals including giraffe.  The rock formations  is outstanding, there are several balancing rocks including the ‘mother and child’. It is also the burial site of a Ndebele king Mzilikazi, Cecil John Rhodes and other early British settlers. Mana Pools National Park is a pristine wilderness on the north-west part of Zimbabwe.  This germ is packed with amazing fauna and flora including the Big 5 without rhino.

So here is the list of Zimbabwe’s world heritage sites again

1 Victoria Falls

2 Matobo Hills

3 Mana Pools National Park

4 Great Zimbabwe Ruins

5 Khami Ruins

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