Things To Do At Victoria Falls

1.Victoria Falls Day Tours: Day trips will take you to interesting places like the devil’s cataract, the main waterfall, the Victoria Falls rainforest, bridge and the old baobab tree.

2.Sunset Boat Cruise On The Upper Zambezi: This is one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences.

There are big and small wild animals to see on both sides of the border.

3.Bungee(Bungi) Jumping: The Victoria Falls bungee is almost 112 m high.
This plunge is the second highest bridge bungee jump in the world after the one in South Africa.

4.Zambezi White Water Rafting(IV & v):The area below the waterfall is lined with beautiful gorges and rapid river formations that many tourists and visitors don’t get to see. This is for pros and adrenaline junkies. It is regarded by many experts as definitely among the best 1 day white water rafting in the world.

5.Bridge Tours: Here visitors will learn about the history of the Victorian bridge and Cecil John Rhodes’ Cape to Cairo railway dream.

6.Canoe Safaris & Tours: This is done on the upper Zambezi just before the falls. Here tourists can see wild animals in the Zambezi National Park.

7.Canopy Tours: See some of Victoria fall’s amazing sights from tree top heights

8.Crocodile Diving: A rare experience for face to face encounter with crocodiles. You will be in a cage. This is very safe.

9.Crocodile Farm Tour: There is a crocodile sanctuary at Victoria Falls. Here crocs are looked after from young age.

10.Hwange National Park Day Trip: Visit  Zimbabwe’s largest national park. It is 15000 square kilometres with over 500 wild animal species including predators and endangered species. Cecil the Lion lived there for 13 years.

11.Elephant Back Rides, Safaris & Tours: Victoria Falls is well known for elephant back rides. Tourists can do game viewing while riding giant African elephants.

12.Game Drives: An opportunity to see various wild animals at Zambezi National Park with day or night drives.

13.Horse Safaris: get a closer view of wild animals on horse backs.

14.Golf: The Elephant Hills 18 hole golf course is unique as you will have wild animals like warthogs grazing nearby while you are playing.

15.Helicopter Flights: This will make a great holiday experience. Good views of the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River.

16.Zambezi River Cruises: Enjoy sunrise and sunset cruises on Africa’s fourth largest River

17.Gorge Swings: The swings are done at the Batoka Gorge on the Zambezi at Victoria Falls.

18.Bridge Swings: This is done at Victoria Falls Bridge.

19.Lion Walks: A rare opportunity to walk with lions.

20.Lunar-Rainbow Viewing: This is guaranteed on the following situations: A full moon, clear night skies and the falls at their peak flow.

21.The Boma Night Out: Visitors are treated to Zimbabwean food and entertainment.

22.High Wire Activities

23.River Boarding

24.Devil’s Pool Swimming

25.Fishing in the Zambezi River

26.Day Canoeing In The Zambezi River

27.Night Canoeing

28.Bike Tours

29.Livingstone Island Tour

30.Steam Train Tours

31.Cultural Visits To Local Villages

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